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Construction, Equity & Community Development

EDO C&M PPP COMPANY LTD is a leading provider of agricultural investment, real estate, and ecommerce services. We are passionate about providing opportunities for economic growth and development for the people of Edo State, Nigeria, and beyond. We are committed to growing the region through our investments in agricultural operations and real estate development.


At EDO C&M PPP COMPANY LTD, we strive to bring together professionals, partners and investors from all over the world to explore Africa's immense business potential. We provide an array of services from real estate investments to ecommerce solutions, and Agric-investment opportunities across the continent. Our team of experienced professionals is focused on delivering on time quality products and profitable business services to our customers and investors. Join us today and unlock the potential of Africa.


We are also designed with a B2B/B2C ecommerce platform for job creation and entrepreneur opportunities, that will improve the youths, in empowering them with skills and the technical know-how in every aspect of civil engineering works, as well as agricultural development operations. We are dedicated to creating a better future for our customers and our community.

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